A customer visiting our nursery once described the butterworts as " the Shirley Temples of the carnivorous plant world." We must disagree. Butterworts are Patty McCormicks ( the sweet, pretty child who played Rhoda Penmark in The Bad Seed, a devilish girl who enjoyed pushing little old ladies down stairs).

Butterwort, (Pinguicula) in Latin, means "little greasy one." While butterwort is their common name, more recently some growers have begun to call them "pings." Butterworts are typically small, herbaceous plants a few inches in diameter. Like many other CP's, they grow in a rosette fashion. Leaves of almost all the species are flat, with slightly curled margins. Some species have the power of movement. This is most often the seen in species from temperate regions. In cultivation the flowers of the tropical forms are extraordinary.

We recommend reading The Savage Garden to fully explore these incredible plants.


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