Rainbow Plants

Glittering and often delicate, Byblis, the rainbow plants, can sometime appear as frosted sprays of water, and in sunlight can sparkle with multicolored hues. Their shining leaves and pretty flowers mask their deadly nature, as they catch and kill countless tiny insects who make the fatal mistake of alighting upon them. The plants grow naturally in Australia and New Guinea. We recommend reading The Savage Garden to fully explore these beautiful plants.


Soil: Rainbow plants thrive in a mixture of 1/2 peat moss to 1/2 sand, in well-drained containers, sitting in water.

Watering: Use the tray method. Keep the soil damp but not permanently waterlogged.

Light: Full to part sun.

Climate: The rainbow plant does best best in tropical climates, but its annual nature allows you to grow it during any span of several months of warm weather.

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