The Revised Savage Garden by Peter D'Amato (Autographed)

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Now with 48 more pages and lots more photos, mostly taken by our own Damon Collingsworth!

For fifteen years, The Savage Garden has been the number one bestselling bible for those interested in growing carnivorous plants. This new edition is fully revised to include the latest developments and discoveries in the carnivorous plant world, making it the most accurate and up to date book of its kind.
Beautiful, exotic, and surprisingly easy to grow, flesh-eating plants thrive indoors and out, in a wide variety of climates. The Savage Garden is hands-down the most comprehensive guide to these fascinating oddities, fully illustrated with 200+ color photos. This updated edition covers changes in soil and fertilizer products; water quality updates; advances in artificial lighting; new information on transplanting, pot sizes, and plant grooming; and the many incredible new species of carnivorous plants that have been discovered and hybridized, including a dozen new sun pitchers and over 50 tropical pitcher plants. Whether you're a beginner with your first Venus flytrap or an expert looking for the latest specimen, this book covers everything you need to create and nurture your very own little garden of horrors.

Now with the metric system for our CP friends abroad!

Winner of The Garden Writers Association of America's Book Award!

Winner of The American Horticultural Society's Book Award!

"The Savage Garden is a wonderful book."
Martha Stewart

"Five Stars"

"An Exhaustive Work"Los Angeles Times

"Stunning"Science News

"This book is a steal at this price"
Richmond Times-Dispatch

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