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From the Tepuis to your home: How Heliamphora became available in the US by Damon Collingsworth

Heliamphora, or Sun Pitchers, are magical prehistoric carnivorous plants from the “Lost world” of the Guiana Highlands. In Venezuela and Guyana many massive plateaus known as Tepuis tower out of the sweltering lowland jungle below. These unscalable mountains have long...

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How Long Do Carnivorous Plants Live? by Peter D'Amato

A few weeks ago I received an email question from a customer who had purchased seed from us.  "How long does Drosera intermedia and D. aliciae live?" he wanted to know.  I was stumped.  Usually with species such as these,...

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Do You Dream of Carnivorous Plants? by Peter D'Amato

A couple of years ago, a woman came into the nursery and bought a few plants from us.  She told me, almost shyly, that she had come to the greenhouse the previous year with some friends, and just looked around. ...

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The Telegraph Plant by Peter D'Amato

The first time I ever heard of the telegraph plant was when I was a kid and saw the 1951 version of "The Thing (From Another World)", a highly acclaimed science fiction movie classic about a vegetable humanoid monster invading the earth. There's...

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Little Shop and Other Horrors by Peter D'Amato

For the past two or three years, there have been rumors that there's a remake in the works of Little Shop of Horrors.  Not the musical, mind you, but a remake of the original Roger Corman shot-in-three-days 1960 black and...

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