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Growing Tips

Cobra Plants (Darlingtonia californica) Growing Tips

Sun:  They appreciate lots of sun, like Sarracenia, but in order to avoid overheating in cultivation you may have more success growing it in morning sun only or filtered all day sun.  Shade the pots if possible to keep the...

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Sun Pitchers (Heliamphora) Growing Tips

Sun:  Heliamphora like bright light.  They may be grown with less light, but they will remain much greener.  In a terrarium, high powered fluorescent light should be used and we recommend a fixture with four T-5 bulbs. Water:  Use the...

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Rainbow Plants (Byblis) Growing Tips

Sun:  Full to part sun. Water:  Use the tray method.  Keep the soil damp but not permanently waterlogged. Temperature:  The rainbow plant does best best in tropical climates, but its annual nature allows you to grow it during any span...

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