Drosera capensis “Diflora Giant” Potted

$ 19.99

We are so excited about our newest giant cultivar of capensis! These plants are from Diflora and we haven’t grown them out to their full potential yet, but we expect them to be large and dewy! Grow them out with us and see how big yours can be!

If you have been thinking about growing carnivorous plants but don't know where to start, look no further than Drosera capensis.  These plants are easy to grow, rewarding, and will grow in various conditions.  They will thrive indoors in full sun, on a windowsill, or under lights.  They will also do well outside in lots of sun and are cold hardy down to 40 degrees.  They will even take a brief freeze with the leaves dying back but the plants regrowing readily from the roots in spring.  After you receive your plant, please note that the dew may take several weeks to a month to reproduce (shipping is a bit rough on the delicate dew).

These plants will also tell you if they need more direct light!  If you notice that it won't produce dew after several weeks, it is not receiving enough direct light.  Always keep it sitting in a small saucer of water as well.

Care Instructions
Sun: Full sun indoors on a sunny windowsill, in a terrarium, or outdoors
Water: Always sitting in a few inches of distilled, rain or purified water
Temperature: 40 degrees - 80 degrees, can even take temperatures from freezing to 100 degrees but only for short periods and can grow back from the roots after a freeze
Dormancy: none needed

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