Pinguicula ‘Damon’s Choice’ BARE-ROOT

$ 34.99

A truly fantastic cross from our friend Mark Rubnitz, it makes perfect little miniature red rosettes that never get bigger than a nickel. When they bloom they really put on a show of beautiful, pink flowers on short scales that seem almost to be as big as the plants themselves! This is one of Damon’s long time favorite plants. These were formerly sold as “Little Red Hybrid”. These plants are the size of a dime, roughly.

Please note that many species of Mexican Butterworts experience a winter succulent phase in which they stop growing large carnivorous leaves and instead, grow small succulent leaves.  If you order a plant from October - March, you may receive one that is winter succulent.
They usually begin to go into this phase as photo period decrease in winter and will stay in their succulent state until spring, when the photo periods lengthen again.

Care Instructions
Sun: Sunny windowsills or in a terrarium under four T5 bulbs, filtered sun outdoors in the tropics
Water: Sitting in at least two inches of distilled or purified water from Spring through Summer and in winter they should be allowed to dry out slightly during their winter succulent phase
Temperature: 50 degrees - 90 degrees
Dormancy: no true dormancy but does have a winter succulent phase during which the plant will produce small succulent leaves instead of flat sticky leaves

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