Aeschynanthus “Kinabalu” BARE-ROOT

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Aeschynanthus “Kinabalu“ is a beautiful, rare plant that came to us from Geoff Wong decades ago. It was originally collected on Mt Kinabalu and most closely resembles Aeschynanthus speciosus but we have had Gesneriad experts exam it, and they think it may be something else unique!

Regardless, it’s a fantastic addition to any highland greenhouse or sunny windowsill. The flowers are simply stunning!

These are single rooted cuttings and will come bare-root and should be potted into a long fibered sphagnum moss mix. 

Care Instructions
Sun: Grow on sunny windowsills with at least three hours of direct sun, in greenhouses, or in a terrarium with fluorescent light
Water: Water with distilled or purified water frequently, do not let the pots sit in water for long periods of time but be sure to keep the potting medium moist all the time
Temperature: Daytime temperatures in the 70’s-80’s with a 10-20 degree drop in night temps
Dormancy: none needed