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Tropical Terrarium/Windowsill Collection Deluxe (6 Plants)

Tropical Terrarium/Windowsill Collection Deluxe (6 Plants)

$ 74.99

This is an ideal collection for any terrarium or sunny windowsill. If you want to add a beautiful variety of tropical plants to your terrarium.

Collection includes: one Nepenthes, one Mexican butterwort (Pinguicula), one cape sundew (Drosera), one lance-leaved sundew (Drosera), one rosetted sundew (Drosera) and one terrestrial bladderwort (Utricularia). These plants will thrive in a Terrarium or on a sunny windowsill.

Care Instructions
Sun: Under grow-lights year round or 3-6 hours of direct sun
Water: Water frequently with distilled or purified water only, high humidity is preferred
Temperature: Grown in a terrarium or on a windowsill temperatures should be ideal
Dormancy: none needed

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