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Drosera x 'Hercules' Potted

Drosera x 'Hercules' Potted

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This recently published cultivar is probably one of the most beautiful of all the sundews.  When grown well it looks like a compact, wide leaf Cape Sundew on steroids!  The parentage is somewhat contested but is thought to be a cross between Drosera capensis 'alba' and Drosera aliciae.  We are really excited to have these plants!

Care Instructions
Sun: Full sun indoors or 6-10 inches from the lights in a terrarium. Can be grown outdoors in sun in frost free areas
Water: Always sitting in at least two inches of distilled or purified water
Temperature: 40 degrees - 90 degrees, can survive a brief freeze but ideally would not be exposed to such low temperatures
Dormancy: none needed

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