Disa Diablo View

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Disa Diablo View is an orchid hybrid originated by M.Gallagher in 2000. It is a cross of Disa Caspar x Disa uniflora. It should have orangey-red medium sized flowers. The first photo is of Disa uniflora, the second photo is of Disa Caspar. These photos will give you an idea of what the hybrid can look like. 

To learn more about its parentage; https://www.orchids.org/grexes/disa-diablo-view
Sun: Best grown in greenhouses with 30% shade cloth during summer months, or under partial light when grown under lights, or in full sun if roots are kept cool
Water: Prefers to be kept sitting in a small saucer of distilled or reverse osmosis water. Do not let dry out
Temperature: 30-80F, not frost hardy, does not like high heat, prefers n drop in temperatures. Can tolerate higher temps if roots are kept cool.