Disa Diores Potted

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Disa Diores ( Disa racemosa x Disa uniflora ) this is a fun hybrid that we haven’t seen bloom yet but should be orangey-pink or red with small to medium flowers. The flower in the photo is Disa uniflora, one parent in this hybrid. The flowers on these plants should be more pink or orange but could be quite red, like this plant. 

We grow several different clones of this hybrid!

To learn more check out; https://www.orchids.org/grexes/disa-diores

Care Instructions:
Sun: Best grown in greenhouses with 30% shade cloth during summer months, or under partial light when grown under lights, or in full sun if roots are kept cool
Water: Prefers to be kept sitting in a small saucer of distilled or reverse osmosis water. Do not let dry out
Temperature: 30-80F, not frost hardy, does not like high heat, prefers n drop in temperatures. Can tolerate higher temps if roots are kept cool.