Drosera scorpioides “Gidgegannup, WA” Potted

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As Peter stated in The Savage Garden, Drosera scorpioides is "a giant among pygmies".  This sundew grows to a few inches tall, and produces large gemmae in late autumn, from which new plants should be grown.  Usually this variety dies off at the end of its second year of growth.
We are particularly excited about these site location scorpioides as they are the Gidgegannup “giant” variety! 

Care Instructions
Sun: Full sun, outdoors is best
Water: Always sitting in at least two inches of distilled or purified water
Temperature: 40 degrees - 80 degrees, can even take temperatures from freezing to 100 degrees but only if kept wet
Dormancy: May experience brief summer dormancy when temperatures rise but it is not necessary and care remains the same during this period

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