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Nepenthes palawanensis tropical pitcher plant

Nepenthes palawanensis (S-TC) Potted

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Nepenthes palawanensis was only recently discovered and described from the Philippines.  Like Nepenthes attenboroughii mature plants are capable of growing monster pitchers which are some of the biggest in the genus!  They have a wide opening, big enough to stick a grown man's fist into and the pitchers taper to a neat little point making them not only huge but elegant looking.

Care Instructions
Sun: Grow on sunny windowsills with at least three hours of direct sun, in greenhouses, or in a terrarium with fluorescent light
Water: Water with distilled or purified water frequently, do not let the pots sit in water for long periods of time but be sure to keep the potting medium moist all the time
Temperature: Daytime temperatures in the 70’s-80’s with a 10-20 degree drop in night temps
Dormancy: none needed

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