Nepenthes ventricosa x mikei CalCarn Seed-Grown Potted

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Size: Small

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We don’t believe this cross has ever been done before! Nepenthes mikei is highly collectible because of its nearly black pitchers; however it is infamously shy to flower. Ours did flower, and we were able to cross it with a beautiful red ventricosa. We are very excited to see how these will turnout but we expect an easy, vigorous plant with lots of dark red pitchers. All individuals from seed, exclusive to California Carnivores.  

Care Instructions
Sun: Grow on sunny windowsills with at least three hours of direct sun, in greenhouses, or in a terrarium with fluorescent light
Water: Water with distilled or purified water frequently, do not let the pots sit in water for long periods of time but be sure to keep the potting medium moist all the time
Temperature: Daytime temperatures in the 70’s-80’s with a 10-20 degree drop in night temps
Dormancy: none needed

Customer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

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Amazing plant, from the packaging to the plant it’s self was good definitely will be buying from them again


Plants are very nice, excellent condition and came in a timely manner! Plant has grown quite a bit since then. There's three plants or basals in pot! I recommend ordering from them.


It was very well packaged and came with 7 small pitchers and one almost ready to open, along with a small drosera stowaway! I am very pleased with both of them and it’s already pushing out a new pitcher after maybe 2 weeks of me having it.


Beautiful plant and shipped with care


Can’t wait to watch it grow!