Photo Print Dionaea m. by Axel Bostrom

$ 35.00
Driven by his own innate love of carnivorous plants, Axel came to the California Carnivores family at just 12 years old. Mentored for over a decade by Peter D'Amato and Damon Collingsworth, he has cultivated a vast knowledge and profound passion for our savage garden, having helped cultivate countless novel hybrids. Over the years Axel has learned to view these esoteric creatures in a way that showcases their ornate beauty, highlighting the uniqueness of each species and translating that vision into his photography. We are so excited to be collaborating with Axel and making his photography available to you!
"The striking venus flytrap; a plant so iconic it has been loved by everyone who has entered the wonderful world of carnivorous plants. In this photo you see young seedlings starting to make their first sizable traps! I pulled focus on the largest and darkest trap surrounded by the younger greener traps for great contrast in form and color. I also love that since the plants are so young they appear to sprout directly from the moss as if they are bear traps laid out for an unsuspecting victim." - Axel
Axel works with a local photography studio to produce large format prints. All prints regardless of size or price are printed on premium archive paper using top of the line printers. This results in a super fine archival image of the highest quality.