Sarracenia leucophylla 'Hurricane Creek White' Clone Sykes Potted

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Size: Large

These are divisions of a beautiful plant from Steve Sykes. Hurricane Creek used to be a site where leucophylla grew in the wild.  Unfortunately all of the plants were destroyed and the site was turned into a highway overpass several years ago.  This site was always known to have some of the most beautiful leucophylla; the upper part of the pitchers were all almost entirely white with little to no venation.  Luckily, before it was destroyed, seeds were collected.  These seedlings were created by us by crossing two of the original plants.  There is some natural variation but so far most of the pitchers are characteristic from this site.

Care Instructions
Sun: Full sun outdoors
Water: Always sitting in at least two inches of distilled or purified water
Temperature: 20 degrees - 80 degrees, can even take temperatures from freezing to 100 degrees but only for short periods
Dormancy: All Sarracenia require a winter dormancy starting in October and ending in February. Many of the pitchers will turn brown and die back during this time. Leave them outdoors in full sun, sitting in distilled water during this period. If you live in an area that snows; over winter them indoors on a sunny windowsill in an unheated room or garage. Still sitting in full sun and distilled water.

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