Rainbow Plants (Byblis) Growing Tips

Sun:  Full to part sun.

Water:  Use the tray method.  Keep the soil damp but not permanently waterlogged.

Temperature:  The rainbow plant does best best in tropical climates, but its annual nature allows you to grow it during any span of several months of warm weather.  They are great little terrarium plants.

Dormancy:  Dry summer dormancy is not necessary in cultivation.

Soil:  Rainbow plants thrive in a mix of two parts sand and one part peat.  You can also add an additional part of perlite, lava rock or pumice.  Do not substitute the sand for perlite in this case.  Always use drained containers.

Fertilizer/Feeding:  MaxSea fertilizer can also be applied, once per month, to the leaves and pitchers of the plant.  Avoid pouring through the soil.