Cobra Plants (Darlingtonia)

DarlingtoniaWith their bulbous green heads, twisted red tongues, and long, tubular pitchers, the cobra plant is very suitably named.  Cobra plants, (Darlingtonia) are native only to extreme Northern California and southern Oregon.  Darlingtonia is very closely related to the Sarracenia.  There are striking similarities between it and Sarracenia minor and Sarracenia psittacina

DarlingtoniaCobra plants have a bad reputation for being difficult to grow.  This is not far from the truth, but the difficulty can be overcome with a couple of tricks.  They like a lot of sunlight but they need to have cool roots.  In the summer, when the temperatures rise try pouring refrigerated water over the roots!

For more information on how to grow these plants check out our Darlingtonia growing tips.


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