Temperate Sundew Care Tips

Sun: Full sun indoors, or outdoors
Water: Always sitting in at least two inches of distilled, rain or reverse osmosis water
Temperature: 25 degrees - 80 degrees, can even take temperatures from freezing to 100 degrees but only for short periods
Soil: Four parts peat moss to one part perlite, re-pot every three to five years
Fertilizer: You can apply diluted Maxsea fertilizer (1/4 teaspoon to one gallon of water) to the leaves once per month
Dormancy: Requires a winter dormancy starting in October and ending in February. Many of the leaves will turn black and die back during this time. Leave them outdoors in full sun, sitting in distilled water during this period. If you live in an area that snows; over winter them indoors on a sunny windowsill in an unheated room or garage. Still sitting in full sun and distilled water