Pinguicula moranensis 'A' x laueana "CalCarn red" BARE ROOT

$ 19.99

Pinguicula moranensis ‘A’ has super sized flowers and it always brings this to characteristic to its hybrids. We’ve combined these huge, pink flowers and rosettes with the super pink, and deep red flowers of laueana “CalCarn Red”. The flowers have come out huge and electric pink! The rosettes will be huge as well!

Care Instructions
Sun: Sunny windowsills or in a terrarium under four T5 bulbs, filtered sun outdoors in the tropics
Water: Sitting in at least two inches of distilled or purified water from Spring through Summer and in winter they should be allowed to dry out slightly during their winter succulent phase
Temperature: 50 degrees - 90 degrees
Dormancy: no true dormancy but does have a winter succulent phase during which the plant will produce small succulent leaves instead of flat sticky leaves

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Customer Reviews

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Jose manolo De hoyos vega

Arrived in good condition

Margaret Elliot
great selection

I bought several cp’s from California Carnivores. Due to the shipping time and heat, a couple didn’t look so hot. Great customer service, gave me a refund. Great business practice

Tammy Harvill
Buyers beware

This item was shipped in a wet napkin and the shoved into a to go sized sauce cup. It didn’t even last a week after putting it in soil. Waste of money.


One of the most caring and genuine nursery's in the world.
Definitely recommended and wont be disappointed.
California Carnivores #1 shop for C.P all day !
Thank you much to each n every staff member,keep up the great work ..

Michele Shanklin
CalCarn Red bare root

It's doing great! Despite the post office sending it to Hawaii before it made it's way to me, it arrived in good shape and it's doing great. The package was a bit smooshed, but the plants were perfectly fine. Great job packing them!