California Carnivores Professional Grade Peat and Perlite Mix

$ 9.99

This mix is ideal for American pitcher plants, Venus flytraps, most Sundews, and bladderworts.

This one gallon bag is made up of about 1 part perlite to 4 parts professional grade peat moss. We use only the highest quality ingredients with our plants and you can too! Our peat moss is the Sunshine brand, professional grade, milled Canadian sphagnum peat moss. The professional grade usually isn't available at retail nurseries and costs about twice as much, but is a much finer quality.

We also put a generous hand-full of domestic, long-fibered sphagnum moss on top of every bag.

One bag will roughly fill 12 of our 2" pots.

Mixing Instructions:

Remove the long-fibered sphagnum from the top and let soak in distilled/rain water until pliable. Then use it to cover the holes in the bottom of your pots. Next, mix all of the peat and perlite together in a large bowl. Be sure and wet it with distilled/rain water before you begin mixing. This will keep the perlite dust to a minimum which is harmful to breath in. Keep adding water and mixing until it is very soppy wet. Now your ready to pot 'em up!

When purchasing your own peat and perlite at another nursery or hardware store, Beware of MiracleGrow brand! there are added fertilizers that are harmful to carnivores.

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