Carnivorous Plant Conservation Donation

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Did you know that the greatest diversity of carnivorous plants occurs in the United States?  Did you know they are in danger of going extinct forever?

Venus flytraps, American pitcher plants, Cobra Plants, Sundews, Butterworts, and Bladderworts once filled the vast wetlands of North America.  Today, after about 250 years of the deliberate destruction of our wetlands, we estimate that only about 5 percent of our carnivorous plants remain.  We have been almost too late to realize the botanical treasures that our wetlands held and even the miraculous Venus flytrap has been relegated to only a handful of sites teetering on the edge of extinction.

The North American Sarracenia Conservancy is fighting to keep that from happening.

Venus flytraps and American pitcher plants used to grow at the site photographed above.  Without notice, this site was plowed under and mulched to make it easier for timber trucks to navigate the sandy road.  Nearly all of the plants were destroyed, but a precious few remained.  The North American Sarracenia Conservancy removed the remaining plants and relocated them to a protected area.  This small group of dedicated individuals are fighting to keep our carnivores from going extinct in a very real way.  When bogs are to be destroyed for development, with permission from the owners, they will remove the plants and relocate them to a protected site.  Their growers also keep plants with location data so that the genetic diversity of the plants can be horticulturally preserved as well.

If you love the plants as much as we do, please donate to help keep our carnivores from disappearing forever from the wild.

Every dollar will go directly to the real, on the ground, conservation of our plants that are in such desperate trouble.

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