Utricularia x “Peter Rabbit” Potted

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This is Damon’s very first terrestrial bladderwort hybrid; in fact, it may be the first manmade terrestrial bladderwort hybrid ever! At first, when they bloomed, he was a little unsure that the flowers were all that he had hoped for as they looked so much like sandersonii “blue,” but by summer, that doubt had vanished, and this has become a favorite in the nursery!

Although the flowers look somewhat like sandersonii “blue,” this hybrid produces lots and lots of little bunny-shaped flowers on three to four-inch scapes, whereas sandersonii usually only makes one or two flowers, low to the ground. Perfect for a terrarium!

We’ve named this “Peter Rabbit” for Peter D’Amato, our founder and the writer of the Savage Garden who has always delighted in the bunny-ears of sandersonii!

Care Instructions
Sun: Prefers to hide in the shade of other plants; they will also thrive indoors, under grow lights
Water: Always sitting in a few inches of distilled or purified water
Temperature: 40 - 90 degrees
Dormancy: none needed

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