Pinguicula moranensis "Vera Cruz" BARE-ROOT

$ 34.99

Pinguicula moranensis "Vera Cruz" is one of our brightest moranensis with cheerful, pink flowers! It forms large rosettes with pink tinted leaves that die back to a tight winter succulent rosette that it flowers readily from! This plant isn’t in tissue culture and we only offer a limited amount from leaf pullings.

These plants have a winter succulent phase in which they shed their carnivorous leaves and grow smaller succulent leaves. They greatly reduce in size, shrinking down to a tiny, cute little succulent rosette! If you order in winter, you plant will come in a tiny succulent rosette. But don’t worry, with proper conditions it will soon grow much larger carnivorous leaves and surprise you with its fantastically quick growth!

Care Instructions
Sun: Sunny windowsills or in a terrarium under four T5 bulbs, filtered sun outdoors in the tropics
Water: Sitting in at least two inches of distilled or purified water from Spring through Summer and in winter they should be allowed to dry out slightly during their winter succulent phase
Temperature: 50 degrees - 90 degrees
Dormancy: no true dormancy but does have a winter succulent phase during which the plant will produce small succulent leaves instead of flat sticky leaves