1 Build Your Own Pinguicula Rock Kit

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Do you want to create a beautiful, unusual, one-of-a-kind plant showpiece?  This is the kit for you! While it’s not for beginners, building your own Pinguicula Rock Display is rewarding and fun! Pinguicula are perfectly adapted to be grown in the nooks and crannies of rocks and this kit will give you everything you need to make one of these special plant art pieces.  

Each kit contains a unique porous rock (sometimes we send two smaller rocks instead of one large rock, see photo for rocks), saucer, soil blend, sphagnum moss, and 6 different species/cultivars with at least 15 different Pinguicula total! We’ll send you smaller Pings, perfectly sized to work with for this project, and you can watch them grow in! Please note that the rocks are variable in size abs shape and sometimes we will send you two smaller rocks or one larger rock!

These kits are really fun to build and make great gifts! Order these for a best friends bonding night or as a unique gift for someone you love! 

Check out this quick, how-to video on building your own windowsill kit (step by step written directions follow below):

Please note that many Pinguicula experience a winter succulent stage. During this stage, they lose their carnivorous leaves and grow smaller, tighter rosettes of succulent leaves. If you order in winter, you may receive plants in this winter succulent phase and they will appear quite small. Don’t worry, they’ll grow much larger leaves again in spring!

Care Instructions
Sun: Sunny windowsills or in a terrarium under four T5 bulbs, filtered sun outdoors in the tropics
Water: Mist regularly with distilled, RO, or rainwater. Add water to the soil in the saucer as needed to keep it from drying out. They should be allowed to dry out slightly during their winter succulent phase.
Temperature: 50 degrees - 90 degrees
Dormancy: no true dormancy but does have a winter succulent phase during which the plant will produce small succulent leaves instead of flat sticky leaves


  • Place rock in saucer after deciding which side you’d like up. The more nooks and crannies, the better!
  • Pour the soil in one bowl, the sphagnum moss in a separate bowl. Add a bit of distilled water to each to moisten.
  • Pack soil into rock surface, carefully rubbing into holes in rock and pack the saucer full of extra soil if you’d like to plant it out as well. Please be careful as the rock is rough, you may want to wear gloves.
  • Pack deep holes with sphagnum moss.
  • Unpack your Pings and carefully, gently separate the clumps if you’d like. Keep any plugs of live, green moss that come with your Pings.
  • Do not remove soil from around roots of Pings, no need to disturb the delicate roots.
  • Begin placing your Pings! Carefully tuck into holes in the rock surface and in the packed soil in the saucer.
  • Take your time and enjoy this! Place the Pings and place any moss that happens to come with your Pings as well, it will slowly grow in!
  • When done, mist thoroughly but gently. This is the best way to water going forward.
  • Add any little items to make this even more your own! Figurines, rocks, gems, Tillandsia, etc. 

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I got so much more than I expected, the rock was quite large, the pings were very healthy and so many extra pups with them. It is such a delight to have, and I look forward to buying many more of these kits, and maybe combine them all into one big ping wall.


Fast shipping, plants all arrived looking healthy and beautiful! Definitely recommend!


That was so much fun. It’s Winter, but the new little beauties are all showing signs of life!


Love love love


Awesome specimens.