Winter Growing Sundews (Drosera)

Drosera zonaria

These are sundews (Drosera) from Australia, and a few from South Africa, which grow over the wet winters of their Mediterranean climates.  Then, in the summer, they die back to the ground and will need to be dried out until growth resumes in fall.  This category includes all of the amazing tuberous sundews from South-West Australia and Drosera cistiflora with its giant and showy flowers.

These are some of our personal favorites; these Drosera are particularly fascinating, lovely and rewarding to grow.  They may be a little tricky and are not for beginners but they are well worth the effort! (Drosera zonaria pictured)

A note on availability; tuberous sundews grow throughout the winter months with some species coming up earlier and some later. We restock these plants as they emerge from the soil but have limited quantities available. Check the listing regularly for availability or sign up for a back in stock notification, that is the fastest way to know these plants are available!

Please note; these plants can be dormant from March or April - September or October and will have no visible growth during that time. Do not repot when you receive them, it will set back the growing time and likely trigger dormancy if it is growing. The tubers are incredibly small and hard to find in the soil, we do not recommend sifting through the soil to look for tubers upon receipt of the plant from us.


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