Drosera tubaestylis Potted

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Drosera tubaestylis is one of our newest tuberous sundews.  We have grown these for years in a large display bog but have released them for the first time this year!  They grow a long, paddle shaped leaves covered thickly in dew.  It flowers readily with white flowers.  The tuberous Drosera can be a bit difficult to grow, this is not a plant for a beginner.

Tuberous sundews grow throughout the winter months with some species coming up earlier and some later. We restock these plants as they emerge from the soil but have limited quantities available. Check the listing regularly for availability or sign up for a back in stock notification, that is the fastest way to know these plants are available!

Please note; this plant can be dormant from March or April - September or October and will have no visible growth during that time. Do not repot when you receive this plant, it will set back the growing time and likely trigger dormancy if it is growing. The tubers are incredibly small and hard to find in the soil, we do not recommend sifting through the soil to look for tubers upon receipt of the plant from us.

Care Instructions
Sun: As much sun as possible, if sun is inadequate during their winter growing season supplement with T5 fluorescent lighting. When growing under lights set photo period to 7 or 8 hours during the winter.
Water: Sitting in water in September, as summer approaches wait for the plant to quickly go brown. Then reduce watering so that it slowly goes dry over the course of a month. Distilled or purified water only. Keep in a cool, dry place during summer dormancy and sprinkle them with water once every couple of weeks
Temperature: Extreme heat (over 90 degrees) during their growing season may send them into dormancy, many species experience light frost in the wild for short periods of time but must be protected from freezing
Dormancy: Dormancy is variable but often starts in May and ends in September

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