Australian Pitcher Plants (Cephalotus follicularis) Growing Tips

CephalotusSun:  Full to part sun.  They can be grown in terrariums under bright fluorescent light, we recommend a fixture with four T5 bulbs. 

Water:  Use the tray method.  Cephalotus dislike long periods of being waterlogged, so it is best to allow the water in the tray to evaporate before adding more.  Plastic containers are best, but they also do well in terracotta or glazed clay.  Always use drained containers; shallow un-drained containers will rot their roots.

Temperature: Cephalotus does best with moderately warm summers and cool to chilly winters.  The plants may die in long periods of very hot weather and they enjoy cool summer nights.  They are tolerant of brief, light frost down to twenty-two degrees, but may be killed in lower temperatures.  They are best grown in cool highland greenhouse or terrariums.  They can be grown outdoors year-round in extremely coastal Central-Southern California.


Dormancy:  No dormancy needed.

Soil:  Cephalotus thrive in a mix if two parts sand and/or perlite to one part peat.

Fertilizer/Feeding:  MaxSea fertilizer can also be applied, once per month, to the leaves and pitchers of the plant.