Drosera capensis "Scorpio" Potted

$ 34.99

We are obsessed with this beautiful new Drosera capensis cultivar that Damon made a few years ago! These have yellow-green coloration on the petioles but the tentacles are red. The leaves are extremely inwardly curved like the tail of a scorpion. The flowers are extremely beautiful, with the darkest pink flowers we’ve ever seen on a capensis. It’s a typical size for capensis (4-5”) but because of the curl, it gives a more compact appearance. 

 Care Instructions
Sun: Full sun indoors on a sunny windowsill, in a terrarium, or outdoors
Water: Always sitting in a few inches of distilled, rain or purified water
Temperature: 40 degrees - 80 degrees, can even take temperatures from freezing to 100 degrees but only for short periods and can grow back from the roots after a freeze
Dormancy: none needed

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