New Chapter

Since we first opened our doors over 30 years ago, California Carnivores has been open to the public as both a retail nursery and botanical collection. We have shared our plant obsession with countless strangers who have become friends and fellow hobbyists, and that connection with our customers has helped carry us through the good years and the bad.

When the Covid pandemic first struck, we closed our doors to the public for the first time in our long history. This was a big transition for us; there were moments when we weren't sure what the future would look like with so much of the world in flux. Almost fifteen months later, we are faced with a new and daunting task: moving forward as a 100% online retailer.

This decision to permanently close our doors to the public and operate solely online is extremely bittersweet for us! We feel the weight of your sadness at not being able to visit and connect in person, and we appreciate now more than ever how precious that connection is. At the same time, this transition will allow us to dedicate more resources to maintaining, hybridizing, and expanding our botanical collection and retail inventory. We will be able to create more of the resources you love, from in-depth care guides, video tutorials, and virtual educational materials.

This is work that we love, and we are so happy to make learning more accessible to growers of all levels of knowledge. Please continue to connect with us via email and social media. We love to hear from you, see your beautiful plant collections, and answer all of your planty questions!