Welcome to California Carnivores
Promoting conservation through cultivation for 30 years!
Cape Sundews; The Perfect Beginner’s Plant!
Easy, vigorous, beautiful & deadly to fungus gnats!
Venus Flytraps
Iconic, beautiful, and deadly to bugs, grow your own vicious Venus flytrap!
Tropical Pitcher Plants
Add a beautiful carnivorous plant to your house plant crew!
Houseplants with bite
Grow cute but deadly houseplants!
Rare Disa Orchids!
Great companions for Nepenthes

Promoting conservation through cultivation since 1989!

For over 30 years, we have grown and sold the widest variety of carnivorous plants in the United States. Venus flytraps, American pitcher plants, sundews, butterworts, bladderworts, tropical pitcher plants and others - all commercially cultivated for either the curious beginner or the discriminating collector who wants the highest quality plants. We are closed to the public and our plants are only available online.

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